A user takes 2.6 seconds to land on the portion of a website that makes the biggest impression on them. Thus, the importance of a compelling website design for your manufacturing business cannot be ignored. A well-designed manufacturing website helps your brand stand out and sustains business growth. It attracts your potential customers to your site and encourages them to engage.

Furthermore, 73.1% of web designers believe a nonresponsive design is the leading cause of website visitors leaving. So, you should know the crucial elements needed to design your manufacturing website.


This blog will discuss why it is crucial to design your manufacturing site. Also, it will reveal the eight key industrial website design elements.

Why Is Website Designing Crucial for Manufacturing Companies?

Website design is important for all manufacturing companies for multiple reasons. Apart from shaping their online presence, it serves many purposes. Here are a few of them:

Improves Online Credibility

Before you know the key industrial website elements, it is crucial for you to understand why you need to do website design. One of the primary reasons is to build your business’s online credibility. You should know that 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility by its website design.

So, a professional-looking site with a proper factory website layout, client testimonials, social proof, and contact information will help you build customer trust and ultimately drive sales.

Showcases Services and Products

Another reason behind web design is to showcase your services and products. This acts like a digital catalog for your manufacturing company.


Also, by doing so, you will help your customers understand your product specifications, descriptions, etc., in a better way. As a result, your customer retention rate will improve.

Effective Market Reach

An effective website design with key industrial website elements will help expand your business reach. By conducting proper market research and following the best keyword research practices for your website, your business can enter the world of international markets. This way, you can communicate with several distributors, clients, and other partners all over the globe.

Increases Customer Retention and Lead Generation

It is a bad sign if someone visits your website but cannot find what they are looking for. After a bad online experience, 88% of users are less likely to revisit your website. So, having a well-optimized website can help you with lead generation and customer retention. It can capture potential website visitors and convert them into profitable leads.

8 Key Important Elements of Manufacturing Website Design

To help your manufacturing site attract prospects, you must know about the core website design elements. Here are eight crucial industrial website elements to help you get a well-designed and lead-generating site.

A Modern and Sleek Design

A modern and sleek website is one of the most important industrial website elements. It gives your prospective customers a favorable impression of your business. Additionally, it makes it clearer to them that you take pride in providing the greatest user experience.

When people visit a website for the first time, 38% of them look at the page layout or navigation links. So, a modern and aesthetic design will keep your website connected with your viewers. The simplicity of the website design will reduce any distractions. As a result, viewers can concentrate solely on your brand’s products.

For instance, you can view the layout of Atlantic Equipment Engineers. It has a streamlined and clutter-free design to help customers navigate the site easily.


A Clean and Customized Layout

Excellent design is all about simplicity. So, if there is much going on—like lots of visuals and colors—visitors will get turned off. Also, avoid showing mixed messages, complicated product structures, or overwhelming visuals.

You must use a well-customized and clean factory website layout on your website. Also, keep your website color combination simple to make the correct elements stand out. Blue (46%) and green (30%) are the most popular color choices among visitors for a business website.

You can see how Associated Fastening Products Inc. has kept its website layout simple. The company did not experiment with the colors and kept them simple to grab customers’ attention.


Detailed Product Specifications

For manufacturing website design, detailed product specifications are also important. This is because website visitors always search for detailed information. They look for features, specifications, and applications of the products. It helps them make a sound buying decision. So, it is fair to say that detailed product specifications build trust and transparency.

They also showcase the brand’s manufacturing expertise and its products’ reliability. You can check the organized, detailed product specification page of L&R Ultrasonics. It has detailed product specifications.


Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive navigation is a production site feature that plays a huge role in the customer’s journey. An easy navigation interface ensures website visitors can easily check out your products and services. User-friendly navigation ensures they do not have problems searching for specific products. As a result, it increases your website engagement and reduces the bounce rate.

It will also guide your visitors to find relevant content without getting irritated. You may visit the official website of CAST Lighting. Its UI/UX allows customers to easily access crucial information, products, services, etc.


Attractive Product Creatives

The product catalog is an important element for manufacturing website design. It acts more like an online showroom where companies present their products. On this page, list your products’ names with comprehensive descriptions.

Always consider using premium-quality images to help visitors get a glimpse of your product. Furthermore, categorize your products in the proper categories so visitors can browse them. Do not make the product catalog too complex to avoid a poor user experience.

You may check out AAA Innovations’ product catalog, which is well-organized and clean with impressive creatives. It also gives you the option to compare similar types of products.


Contact Us Page

A Contact Us page bridges the gap between you and the customers. Your visitors will eventually leave if they cannot find a way to talk to you. So, when designing a factory website layout, you must create a Contact Us page.

It should feature your company’s contact information. It should also include email addresses, phone numbers, and even the physical addresses of your business. This will help your customers reach you without any hassle. They can even discuss collaborations, queries, quotes, etc., through this page.

Consider taking a look at Creative Testaments’ Contact Us page. The company has provided a clear contact information page with its phone number, fax number, and working hours.


Simple and Easy-to-Fill Contact Forms

You are missing out on an opportunity if you do not capture leads through contact forms. You need to pay attention to the length, layout, and structure of your contact forms. They play a significant role in your lead-generation efforts.

Being one of the best product site features, easy-to-fill contact forms can enhance your overall website design. Also, these forms ensure efficient communication between you and your customers.

You can reference the contact forms of Golden Fortune. They are clear and comprehensive to help customers provide adequate information without divulging any confidential information.


CTAs on All Pages

The strategic usage of calls to action (CTAs) on all pages has become crucial to any manufacturing website design. It encourages potential customers to take further action. This improves user engagement and maximizes the conversion rate.

Notably, button CTAs work best. Button CTAs have an average click-through rate of 5.31%. They offer customers a clear way to take the next step and purchase from the company.


Implementing these top eight elements in manufacturing website design can improve your website’s functionality. Sleek design, clean layout, product specification, intuitive navigation, product catalog, Contact Us page, easy-to-fill forms, and CTAs improve the website’s effectiveness. These will help you generate leads and notice steady results and sales.

So, whenever building a website, keep these eight elements in mind for a successful manufacturing website design.

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