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The coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves through the business world, but many businesses are finding ways to survive in these challenging times—and online services have been one of the keys to success. 

Information technology was already one of the fastest-growing sectors, and during the age of Covid-19, the IT sector has been truly helpful. 

As businesses pivoted to online operations during the pandemic, many started opting for mobile app and web app development services to keep their operations running smoothly. Newcomers to the world of online business discovered that not only is it safe, but it is also an effective way to expand business reach quickly. Thus, software integration in business offers various opportunities for businesses that weren’t even possible before the pandemic. 

The App Development Industry

The app development industry has been resilient over the past few years due to a surge in demand. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, there was a cultural shift as businesses underwent a digital transformation. Today, 4.66 billion people around the world are using digital services, which clearly hints at how popular the online software as a service (SaaS) market is. 

Mobile apps have become famous for various services and businesses. Smartphone apps have become a crucial part of people’s lives, and this is how the demand for app development increased. Today, both small and large businesses are embracing the digital shift and are keen on including mobile app development and web app development in their venture. 

How the Mobile and Web App Development Industry Remained Resilient

The app development industry is completely dependent on demand from the outside world. During the pandemic, businesses have chosen the app development industry as their savior to offer online services to run their business persistently. The ideal solution was to develop an app and run their business online.

The app development industry remained resilient during the pandemic thanks to the swelling demand for mobile apps brought about by the pandemic itself. Everyone seemed to realize that getting back on track required exceptional measures—and mobile and web app development trends were among them.

Mobile and Web App Development Trends During the Pandemic

The demand for online delivery apps like Uber Eats has surged because of the rise in online food delivery during the pandemic. Even small restaurateurs are developing apps similar to those of the big players like Uber Eats. 

The demand for apps like Zoom and Google Meet has increased because of virtual working conditions. Development of gaming apps also increased because people had more free time at home and were playing games online. 

The entertainment industry was hard hit during the pandemic as theaters were shuttered and unreleased films sat gathering dust on shelves. And like other sectors, the entertainment industry looked to the online world to make up lost ground. Movies were released direct to online streaming, and entertainment-starved consumers enjoyed watching from their mobile phones using apps. Thus, the app development trend for the entertainment industry also increased during the pandemic. 

Here are a few more notable trends:

  • The categories of the most downloaded apps during the pandemic were games, work chats, and entertainment. 
  • eLearning apps and remote working apps were the top categories of apps downloaded in the US. 
  • Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet saw strong growth during the pandemic.

Mobile and Web App Development Industry Healing the Entire World

Technology has been a crucial factor for businesses fighting to survive the hardships brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. App development technology and the information technology sector in general have been very advantageous during this time. 

From business to healthcare to education and more, some of the most important sectors in the world have taken advantage of app development solutions. App development played a vital role in getting these sectors back on track during the pandemic. In a sense, it has helped to heal the entire world.

Employee Productivity in the Mobile and Web App Development Industry

The app development and IT sector was forced to adapt to remote working conditions during the pandemic. Employees were happy to be with their families during the tough situation, and the overall culture of work-from-home boosted their productivity, which has been very beneficial for app development firms.


There have been lots of positive outcomes in the mobile and web app development industry during the coronavirus pandemic. The industry itself flourished by healing the different sectors running in the entire world.

Faced with monumental challenges, various sectors found the path to success through the power of technology. One cannot imagine the loss that these sectors could have faced had there been no app development solutions.

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