During the last decades, since the internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, companies have started focusing more and more on monetizing its powers.

For that, companies have created online shops and presentation websites which they use to promote their products and services and to generate more revenues.

For this reason, content marketing has become a very important part of a company’s marketing activities. That’s because, for clients to get to your website, it needs to be in the top results on the major search engines.

For your website to get there, it needs lots of high-quality content. By quality, we don’t only refer to the quality of the information you are having on your website, but we also refer to the quality of the content from a SEO point of view. Does it have the right keyword density, are the keywords chosen carefully, are they relevant for your niche? And so on.

Especially if you are a startup, content should be very important because, in the long run, it will be the marketing strategy with the best CPL(cost-per-lead). Once you get in the top results for the keywords you are looking for, you won’t have to spend too much on staying there.

1. Define Your Audience, Tone of Voice, and Brand Values

Before you even start looking for essay writers, it’s really important to identify your audience and the people you are looking to target.

Once you know who are you ‘talking’ to, who are you targeting, it’s a lot easier to find the copywriter you are looking for.

In terms of audience definition, you should definitely create some personas, so you have a well-defined view of the audience you are talking to. Here are some characteristics you shouldn’t miss while creating them:

  • Age Group
  • Studies
  • Location
  • Languages they speak
  • Interests
  • Reasons they would buy products or services you sell
  • Their needs

Once you know all this, you can start defining your tone of voice, the way you are talking with them and the one that will have the best grip.

Even though we approach this subject last, it should be definitely done during the first phases of your content marketing strategy. You need to know your company’s strong points and the value that you are looking to add to your clients’ life.

2. Decide What Type of Writer You are Looking for

If you finished the steps we mentioned during the first point on our list, you can clearly identify skills and the type of writer that will deliver the best essay for your audience.

Even though it might sound easy to find a good fit, it’s not as easy as it seems, because you need to take into consideration multiple variables. Here are some typologies of writers you have to choose from:

  • Brand Journalist – This type of writer has story-telling as a strong point. They are able to create a great community around your company. They tend to create great stories that generate buzz around your company. Even so, they are not too good with blog posts, and content that sells.
  • SEO Ninja – The SEO Ninja is the type of writer that, even though it might not have great story-telling skills, they are great from a technical point of view. By technical we mean keyword research, he knows how to find the right keyword and the frequency he should have. Also, he is very good at using meta tags, adding the needed links through the article, and so on.
  • Technical Writer – The technical writer is the type of writer that you should definitely choose if you are looking to sell highly-technical products or services. For example, if you are looking to sell medical equipment or an SaaS platform. Their most important strong point would be the fact that they are able to describe hard to understand products by using day-to-day language and by making comparisons to ordinary objects.

These are only some types of writers, but the list is not exhaustive.

Now, given the information you have about your audience and the tone of voice you should use, you should pick the skills you are looking for and then start searching for the writer that will make your company more visible.

3. Collaboration Type

In terms of collaboration types, there are multiple choices you could take. Are you looking for a full-time writer? Are you looking for a part-time writer? If the collaboration is part time, how many hours per week would you need?

Here are some collaboration types and their benefits:

  • In-house content writer – Having an in-house content writer gives you the most control over his activity and the communication is a lot easier than working with an external contractor. Even so, if you are looking for a part-time content writer, chances of finding one fast decrease because, nowadays, the great majority of the employees are looking for a full-time job.
  • Freelance content writer – The downside of working with a freelance content writer is the fact that you don’t have so much control and flexibility over his activity. You can’t tell him: “We need to have a meeting in 30 minutes” because he might be working for a different client by that time. Even so, one of the benefits of working with a freelancer is the fact that it is more flexible in terms of working load and budget. If you don’t need any articles for one month, as a freelancer, he will be used to it and you won’t have any costs for that period.
  • Content agency – Unlike a freelance content writer, a content or marketing agency has a lot more resources and might come in handy when you need something extra. Maybe you also need some designs for your blog, time to time. Maybe you need some SEO writers or brand journalists. Given the fact that you are working with an agency, chances are they will have a great variety of writers and they can easily help you out.


Finding a content writer for your startup website is not an easy task. That’s because, before you even start looking for one, you should know what type of writer you are looking for. For that, you need to know your audience and the content they like.

Once you know that, you have a clear view of the type of content writer your company needs: brand journalist, SEO specialist, technical writer or other types of content writers.

Last, but not least, you should take into consideration the workload and your budget. If you only need a content writer for two days per week, having an in-house content writer would be redundant. The best approach for this case would be to hire a freelance content writer or a content agency.

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