Not many people had a rough idea of what would follow when the World Wide Web was invented in 1989. Web development has been one of the greatest pillars of the online world that we have today. We can only predict that the future will be bright if the trends, we are observing on the webspace, are anything to go by. Websites for various businesses and organizations are continuously getting integrated with new trends.

Research also shows that the number of hours website visitors spend on a site is dependent on various factors. Have you ever visited a site then you get fascinated by neither the content nor graphics? You are most likely to close the tab if this happens. However, if the website is wonderfully designed such that there are welcoming graphics and content, you will likely stay on the site for a longer period.

What is the secret?

What most website owners don’t know is that there are new web development trends that most businesses are adopting in their sites. You cannot continuously use outdated trends to attract visitors to your site.

The reality is that even today’s website visitors are woke. No one wants what is not fascinating nor meeting the expectations. Continue reading to know some of these trends.

Web development trends for 2021

Below are some of the trends that the latest web developers are using to make websites lively.

1. Chatbots

If you visit a website and make an inquiry about something, you may not want the response to delay. Initially, you could send a message on a website and wait for about 2–3 days to get a response.

However, that’s not the case today since there are chatbots that help the site owners in giving prompt responses. They are integrated into the sites and set to give responses to the most probable questions you may have.

Also, when on a site, you will see a pop notification or a chat tab with messages “How can we help you?” That’s a chatbot. Fortunately, the integration of chatbots in the websites is greatly saving organizations on human resource costs. Organizations are finding it affordable to use chatbots compared to retaining customer care representatives.

It’s fascinating that the bots in medical websites are also designed to conduct a diagnosis of patients. They do that through the descriptions patients give. That shows how advanced the websites have gone.

2. Motion UI

It’s one of the amazing latest trends in web development. It’s a better way of increasing user interaction in the websites. The web developers also use it to make the websites appealing. Motion UI is a technology that allows the use of animations on websites.

Precisely, it’s a library having a big number of animations that the developers can play and replay again. They are what make most of today’s websites attractive and engaging.

Also, gender biasness has been witnessed in the past. As a way of eradicating it, google developed various animations to replace the gender bias content. They also help in grabbing the user’s attention.

3. Use of single-page applications

As a way of increasing the speed in various websites, the developers have come up with the solution – the use of single pages. It not only makes the websites attractive but also excellent.

If you want to adopt the trend, you don’t have to worry about having many pages on your websites. It works with one page where you load the content. You must also provide various links within the loaded page to allow the user to get access to the various information they need.

If your goal is to retain your website visitors, you can consider opting for SPAs. It’s a better way of serving their needs better. They will only consume the content from a single page compared to when you load multiple pages for them. It’s one of the web development trends 2021 that is gaining popularity.

4. Adoption of voice Technology

Among the technologies in web development, voice recognition is the latest trend that is gaining popularity. It’s a convenient way of making users access the information they need. They speak what they need via the speakers integrated into the sites.

Using them is better than pressing buttons when typing a query. That consumes a lot of time. The voice option also helps in providing accurate results within a shorter time. That makes it a convenient and reliable way of serving your website visitors’ needs.

5. Artificial intelligence

If you are looking for a way of providing your users with more personalized content, then Artificial Intelligence is the best way to do it. It utilizes past users’ purchase history. History enables it to provide users with the content that suits them. It also helps in satisfying users’ needs because there is no trial and error involved.

Companies effectively utilize AI in various ways. First, they do that through supervised learning, i.e. using past data to come up with better approaches in the site.

They also use unsupervised learning, i.e. the AI model works only with real-time data without any past data in place. It then utilizes the data to provide the best approach to the users.

AI can also make your website attractive and engaging by accessing user problems and providing solutions. It does that by using reinforced learning.

6. Application programming interface

Have you ever wondered about the technology that enables communication between various websites? API is the reason behind all that. It works by taking your requests to a system and brings the response back to you.

Companies with a lower cost are advantaged because the technology recycles codes between the projects. It also eliminates the need to redesign the sites later.

7. Adoption of accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages make eCommerce sites reliable and convenient for customers. Ecommerce sites make a lot of sales compared to other websites because of the speed. The speed makes the sites user friendly and reliable.

AMP provides higher UX making the sites they are integrated to become fast when loading the content.

From the above, you can realize that the latest web development technologies will continue to make websites better and convenient. Adopt some of them if you want your website to be up to date too.

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