When it comes to creating your company image it’s important to consider these five essential things.

When was the last time you went to the supermarket? Can you remember what you bought and why? It probably had a lot to do with the branding on the packet. If you are into healthy eating then a brand that presents itself as sustainable, green and about wellness probably stood out to you over the supermarket brand. This is part of building a brand. Creating a brand takes time and a lot of thought but getting it right can help take your product or service to the next level. Here’s how to build your brand. 

1. Will People Remember Your Brand?

The most important factor in building a brand is that your potential customers remember it. If your brand identity does not stand out then you cannot hope to attract new customers. This isn’t just about making sure the brand catches the eyes of customers through packaging or a sleek website, though this is important, but that it works as a whole. Is your message on point? Have you thought about your message as much as your design? But it also comes down to knowing who your customers are. If you have done enough research into your audience or consumers then you will be able to connect with them on a personal level. If you don’t know where to start with them then talk to them! Find out who bought your product and offer them something to have a conversation with you, take your customers out for coffee to find out what makes them tick. 

2. Is Your Brand Consistent Across Your Channels? 

One of the most important factors about creating a brand is ensuring users trust it. This means your brand must be consistent across all of your channels. This means ensuring that your messaging is on point and your social media game is strong. Of course, you can adapt your message depending on the channel but you cannot deviate from your central goals and ethos. People know when a company is lying or not being genuine about its values. Be clear that your brand is consistent across everything you do. Adapt the size of your logo and decide where to include your slogan but don’t have separate logos or messages for each of your social media platforms. Remember it’s easy for brands to fall down on social media marketing.

3. Does Your Brand Work For Digital and Traditional Mediums 

It is important that your brand can cross the divide between traditional print-based campaigns such as packaging or billboards and the digital world. The skills needed to attract followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even Snapachat, are different from those required from traditional marketing channels. Creating a buzz on social media is about posting regularly, hunting out the right audience and following trends. It’s also about knowing and understanding that each platform is different and requires adapting the brand in slightly different ways.

It is also important then to ensure that you hire experts to maintain your social media channels and to increase your followers. If you do not yet have the budget for this then be sure to consult social media brand experts as to how you can manage your social effectively. Equally, it is important to ensure you have specialists in more traditional campaigning such as magazine adverts, billboards, and even television and door-to-door sales. But it is just as important to ensure that both of these teams are overseen by a brand director who has a clear picture of the entire brand and how the output works holistically. This way you can be sure the brand is consistent.  

4. Does It Reflect Your Values? 

Understanding your brand and how it reflects the values of your company is important. Decide what your company stands for? Is it a green environmental company or is it a company that is trying to appeal to a younger audience. A custom website is going to help you here. A green company is not just a company that puts out green packaging and makes bold progressive statements its one that is seen to be acting responsibly.

You could arrange a behind-the-scenes post for Instagram or Twitter where followers get an insight into the company office. But you need to ensure that those focused are not themselves doing anything that does not live up to the green credentials the company thrives off. Ensure therefore that all employees are drinking from refillable bottles if they are seen drinking or that they are not using plastic straws. Employees of a fashion company must also look stylish and have something interesting to say about what they wearing. This makes the company seem authentic through its brand and image. 

5. Creating a Brand Requires Strong Messaging and Perseverance 

Creating a brand is an art. It can take a long time to establish and to ensure that all of the components come together. To get it right you need to first establish what your message is and what values your company stands for. This will help you to make a decision about the color scheme of your logo and packaging as well as your slogan. It is also important that your brand works in the modern age and that it can be adapted for social media. To ensure your brand reaches its full potential be sure to hire social media experts as well as traditional brand experts. But it’s important to make sure your brand remains consistent across all channels, print as well as online. A brand director overseeing all elements of your brand and both the print and online is a good role to consider for your company.

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