Font FaceFont Squirrel @font-face Kits
Font Squirrel is perhaps the most popular font-replacement resource at the moment. Font Squirrel relieves any worry you may have about font licenses, as all of the fonts provided are freely available for commercial purposes. The site has hundreds of fonts to choose from, everything from sans-serif to novelty style fonts. The site offers @font-face kits that provide you with all the formats you need and also includes the HTML and CSS needed as well. If you can’t find the @font-face kit for the font you wish to use, they also provide a generator which will convert your font file into the multiple formats you will need for free. When using the generator, you need to ensure you have the correct license that permits you to use the font on your website.

Cufón is an incredibly simple and effective method for incorporating non-standard fonts into a web page and one in which its functionality is not dependant on server-side languages or plug-ins. Cufón operates solely on a few lines of Javascript code and uses combination of VML (Vector Mark-up Language), for Internet Explorer, and HTML5’s Canvas feature to render the fonts. Cufón provides a font converter tool on their homepage that will allow you to convert your chosen font to SVG and creates a Javascript file for you to reference within your HTML. Nettuts+ editor Jeffrey Way has previously written an excellent step-by-step tutorial of how to integrate Cufón into your webpage.

Free Font Converter
Free Font Converter, as the name suggests, is a free web application that allows you to convert almost all font format to another on Windows, Mac and Linux. Besides the common font formats such as TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.oft) and PostScript (.ps), it also supports other lesser known formats like .dfont, .svg, .bin, and many others. No need of additional software or registration is required to use Free Font Converter.

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