Every business aims for high open rates and conversions when it comes to email marketing. You put in all the effort to create an email with perfect content, catchy subject, graphic, and the whole fireworks. Yet, you get mediocre results, and it can be very disheartening. 

Here is the thing, when emailing your target audience, you need to include email analytics, which most businesses neglect. Therefore, to improve our email marketing success, you will require advanced email marketing analytics. I know it already sounds a bit too much thinking of email marketing data, analytics, and then throwing in the word advanced can make it seem even more complicated. 

Beyond your open rate numbers, analytics, and metrics shows you the exact type of content that reflects your audience’s interaction with your emails. With the depth of data you get, you must know how to monitor the necessary email marketing analytics insights and turn that raw data into useful information that can improve your email marketing campaigns. Again, this might all take some getting used to, but once you know how to get it right, it only gets easier.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of email analytics, some of the best practices you should be familiar with, and things to avoid when using results from email marketing data analysis.

What is Advanced Email Analytics?

Though it might sound like a mouthful, advanced email analytics is simply a method of tracking how well or not your subscribers interact with your emails. With the help of email marketing analytics tools, you can gather and analyze data for each email campaign. 

Benefits of Advanced Email Analytics

Some of the benefits of using email analytics for your email marketing include:

  • It shows you a subscriber’s immediate reaction when they receive your email

  • It gives you details of how long your subscribers spend on your email 

  • It is a cheaper means of advertising for your brand 

  • It lets you know your email marketing open rates and gives you insight into the devices used most to view your email 

  • It shows you why people unsubscribe to your emails

  • It shows you what is missing in your email: vague subject, missing links, if your mail appears as spam, etc. 

  • It puts you ahead of your competitors 

  • It gives you more insight on how to send more targeted and personalized content 

  • It increases your brand recognition and boosts sales

  • It helps build customer relationships and enhances your website traffic

Best Practices of Using Advanced Email Analytics to Increase Sales

Here are some of the best practices, tips, and tricks for leveraging the power of email analytics for your business growth:

Identify and Build Your Brand Buyer Personas 

A buyer persona is having a full representation of your target audience. These are existing and potential long term profitable customers you profile according to their personality types. You know them inside out, their needs, motivation, or challenges, etc. To create buyer personas, you can do so via research, surveys, and interviews of customers both within and outside your contacts database.

With the entire data gathered from these contacts, you get to tailor your customer service or email marketing campaign directly to those you want to buy into your products or services. Therefore, you can cut out the vague emails and stop shooting blanks with your fingers crossed. In essence, with well-defined buyer personas, you have a clearly defined target customer, which makes personalization of your emails easier. For example, rather than sending out vague emails to students looking for paper writing services review, companies such as Online Writers Rating can use their buyer persona to send targeted emails to suit different customers’ writing needs.

Use Chatbots to Gather Vital Data and Improve Customer Service 

Although Chatbots are still relatively new, they have made a significant impact on email marketing. The number of customers making use of live chat and chatbots has increased from 38% to 58% in the last five years. It helps your online business attend to customers’ needs with more speed when you include the automated chatbot services to your email marketing. It also generates qualified leads and reminds customers of emails available to help smooth out their purchase process.

Because 45% of customer data is submitted through mobile devices, chatbots can help with gathering better insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and challenges. They can help you segment your website’s visitors based on chosen tags, and send them personalized email campaigns.

With chatbots, inquiries made by customers can be taken care of easily and quickly. They mimic human-type interactions making it possible to eliminate the additional expense of Human Resources. For essay writing review service websites such as Best Writers Online, chatbots are cost-effective in handling large-volume customers without having to tie up their writers.  

Segment Your Target Customers

You will need to learn how to segment your target customer and go beyond using regular demographics. It is necessary to group them because of the diversity in consumer taste. The audience insights you find should form a part of your segmentation in the design of your emails when creating a personalized customer experience. 

With advanced email marketing data analysis, rather than sending out generic emails, your segmentations may include customers who have purchased just once, those who buy frequently, or those who have researched a product but are yet to purchase.

Use the Right Email Marketing Analytics Tools

Using email marketing analytics tools will not only save time but in managing your email campaigns and provide in-depth insights. Some of these tools, such as GetNotifyEmailAnalyticsGoogle Analytics, and HubSpot, can help you get data for specific visitors, provide an advanced option for email tracking, and generate full statistics and insights into your traffic sources and quality. The email on acid analytics below shows us the engagement metrics as to how long subscribers spent on an email by interpreting those who read, skimmed, or only glanced at and deleted the email 

Additionally, these analytics tools make use of heatmaps to show you the exact parts of your email marketing campaigns with the most interactions. You can likewise get notifications when a subscriber opens your email and monitor your mail links and view the subscriber’s browser, IP address, location, etc.

Use A/B Testing To Enhance Your Email Marketing

If you need more information from your customers, email marketing is a great digital marketing strategy to use. However, in recent research, the average open rates across over a dozen industries ranged from 25% to 47%. Even for the above-average businesses, only about half of their subscribers are likely to open their emails. Therefore, how do you create the perfect email to increase the open rate? You can make use of A/B test your marketing emails by sending out variation A to half of your email subscribers and variation B to the other half. Some of the elements to consider when sending the two versions could include:

  • The text content of the subject line, upper or lower casing, questions or statements, etc

  • Use different form names in the sender’s details

  • Email content: include CTA or not, length of the email, personalizing email or not, etc

  • Change just one element for each email marketing A/B test

What to Avoid When Using Advanced Email Analytics

  • Do not work with unclear data, especially when they come from different sources, mixing and matching data could lead to errors

  • Creating your email campaigns with a specific conclusion in mind can easily lead to bias in data analysis

  • Do not jump too early into conclusion, make sure you have final results from your analysis 

  • Do not fail to apply segmentation when creating your emails 

  • Do not over-analyze the results of your data analysis 

  • Do not fail to carry out sample tests on every email created with results from data analysis 

  • Do not neglect the application of best practices of using advanced email analytics 


Email marketing isn’t something you build in a day. It requires skill and patience. By taking the time to master your advanced email analytics, you get better insights about your customers and provide the solution to their exact needs. 

So why don’t you start building on your email marketing today!

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