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The Experts in B2B web design, Lform understands your business better than anyone.

While other companies know websites, we know B2B. Our team understands the particular challenges of manufacturing web design and have helped hundreds of clients increase their reach through custom website design, development, and SEO strategy.

Web Design to Advance B2B Manufacturing Companies into the Digital Age

Manufacturers and distributors must focus on extracting more value from their websites than ever before as they are the first, and often only, way customers will interact with their business.

A Proposition for Evolution

Here at Lform, we believe that the first step towards digital transformation and increasing the ROI on your marketing efforts is profoundly understanding our clients. You’ll meet with our team to conduct a detailed initial needs assessment to ascertain your goals. 

We’ll ask you the following crucial questions: 

  • Why don’t potential clients choose you over the competition?
  • What are your customer’s pain points? 
  • What are the top 3 keyword phrases you would like to rank for on Google? 
  • Are there any software requirements that would need to be integrated into your custom website? 

Industry-Specific Insight Tailored to your Business

Lform’s passionate team of custom web design and development professionals keeps abreast of the communication challenges faced by manufacturers and distributors in the digital sphere. The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), or in other words, that split second decision-making moment during the online research process when another business decides whether or not to buy your product or services is at the very heart of all your sales. Customers not only think rationally when contemplating buying a product, they think emotionally. In today’s market, establishing customer intimacy is key. 

On a website, this translates to deducing what the most critical information is for your users to know and placing that information in front of them in the places they’re looking for it. 

In fact, according to webflow management company, SWEOR, 94% of people point to web design as a reason they don’t trust websites and 88% of online visitors won’t return to a website if they had a poor navigational experience. 

Thus, our goal is to help users easily find what they’re looking for and complete tasks. We collaborate closely with each of our clients to craft websites that communicate your company’s service value proposition and strike a chord with your specific audience. 

Renowned manufacturing companies ranging from leading ultrasonic manufacturers such as L&R Ultrasonics, to unparalleled supplier of paint mixers, immersion mixers, and dispersers, Hockmeyer, to global leader in transducers, Kulite Semiconductor Products, have trusted us to cultivate a favorable web experience for their customers.

A Website Engrained with the Same High Standards as Your Products

In most cases, your website will be a prospective customer’s initial interaction with your brand. Making a great first impression with your online presence is imperative. 

We design neat, organized interfaces with fast load times that maintain your users’ maximum focus and decrease cognitive workload. We take care of each step of the web design process from initial prototype to launching your live website. You won’t have to worry about high overhead costs since we handle all the work for you. 

User-Friendly Custom Web Design and UX

Lform designs and develops clean, modern website architectures that facilitate intuitive user experiences. We arrange rich content about your products into easily navigable layouts which take scale and placement into account. 

Our specialized organizational features, including product filterability and sorting, make it easier for visitors to find exactly what they’re looking for without doing the cumbersome work of scrolling through all your products. Users can simply choose the parameters of their search under different categories specified to your particular products such as price, size and color. Handy resource libraries filed under your main menu make finding product info sheets such as MSDS’s and product catalogs to educate themselves about the health and safety of your products a smooth, painless process. 

In addition, we cater to customers researching your products on any and all devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer by formatting your website for each of these individual viewing experiences. All the text will be easily readable and links and navigation will be easily clickable. Our custom mobile web app development methods ensure that your users’ journeys will flow naturally.

Clear, Succinct Copywriting Services

Our artful wordsmiths appreciate that most people are looking for the specific ways in which a company can solve their problems when they enter that company’s name into a search engine. Lform’s copywriters craft clear, succinct content that focuses on how your product will make the user’s life easier or better. 

Custom eCommerce Development

If your website’s visitors don’t make it through your checkout process to finalize the purchase, none of the hard work you’ve put into creating and developing your product as well as advertising it really matters. Unfortunately, cart abandonment is one of the most significant challenges in ecommerce with as many as eight out of every ten visitors to a website moving items to their cart but then leaving without buying them. We have you covered with highly specific Requests for Quotes (RFQs) which allow customers to include a comprehensive list of the requirements they’re looking for in the finished product. These thorough RFQs allow you to give your customer the most accurate quote possible. Lform covers your specialized checkout requirements no matter what services are needed to carry your customer from RFQ to full payment.

Custom API Integrations

A website is not just a way to showcase your products online, it can be a treasure trove of new psychological insights on your target audience. We integrate any sales and marketing analysis tools you already use (such as SharpSpring, Salesforce, and HubSpot) into your custom website to collect data related to your site’s visitors, track qualified leads, document click-through rates and more. From there, we provide ongoing analysis of this data to give you a better idea of who’s interested in your product, thus empowering you to target the right type of prospects during key decision-making moments in the buyer’s journey. 

Secure Enterprise Level Hosting

Quality website hosting is essential for growing businesses. We offer in-house managed virtual private server (VPS) hosting as well as shared hosting options. With VPS hosting you will enjoy your own server as well as a predetermined set of virtual resources exclusive to your business. Servers can always be scaled to meet site traffic and load demands no matter which option you choose.  We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) monitoring so that we’ll know immediately if a site crashes and can swiftly resolve the issue. 

Our cutting edge cyber security including brute-force detection and Secure Shell (SSH) key-only access keeps your sensitive data out of harm’s way. All of our sites are secured with an HTTPS-only approach which blocks insecure connections to your site and guarantees that passwords and other sensitive information are always transmitted securely.

Full Service Strategic Solutions

Cutting Edge B2B Search Engine Optimization and SEO Strategy

Driving more traffic to your website can be overly complicated and convoluted, but we take a systematic approach starting with keyword research. Then we optimize your site for those keywords, write new, engaging copy based on them, strengthen the efficacy of your internal links and integrate external links.  

Our on-site SEO masters marry aesthetically pleasing design with well-researched keyword integration and strong site architecture in order to please the Google page rank algorithm and delight your human users. Part of this winning plan is a customized SEO backlink strategy which will prompt reputable sites to hyperlink to your website on their own web pages.

Advance Your Business Into the Digital Sphere with an Experienced Partner

Moving a manufacturing or distributing business from the physical world of in-person advertising into cyberspace can be a daunting task. We help overstretched marketing teams, corporate leadership and technology professionals prioritize their efforts. Let us do the heavy technical, while we drive more leads your way and keep your business relevant, so you can focus on what’s really important.

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