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Website Development Services that delivers you speed, power, & results.

Build custom websites and platforms that integrate into your unique business, making your company more efficient, powerful, & profitable.

B2B website development focused on empowering your digital desires

Your business is one of a kind. It deserves a website that reflects your unique vision and values. That’s why we focus on building bespoke websites that utilize modern design, intuitive architecture, and high-quality content to help you showcase your brand identity and achieve your business goals. Our mission is simple: to make your company more efficient, more powerful, and more profitable.

NJ web development that sets the bar high

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Our team of experienced web developers provide a completely personalized experience, working closely with you at every stage of the project. All work is done in-house by our Montclair, NJ team; unlike our competitors, we don’t outsource. We see ourselves not as a one-time vendor, but as partners in your business success.

Custom website solutions that meet your goals and needs

Because all Lform websites are custom-built to your specifications, we can easily integrate your new site with the systems you already use. Whether you have a preferred CRM, ERP, automated marketing tool, or SaaS platform, we can make your site work seamlessly with your existing systems.

Tried & tested web development you can trust

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We utilize the latest technologies without the unnecessary bloat of fad front-end frameworks. Our teams have specialist expertise in a variety of systems and programming languages including PHP, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, and TypeScript. Heavy-duty web applications are built using Laravel in conjunction with AdaCMS, while simpler sites are built in WordPress. We take security seriously, implementing the latest measures so you can rest assured that your site remains protected from any unauthorized access. Built-in caching keeps your site running smoothly as your business scales and your needs evolve.

Custom development with a focus on SEO excellence

Your website will be SEO-friendly from the point of launch, enabling you to improve your business’s search engine rankings fast to ensure that the right customers can find you at the right time. Easily-navigable site maps and lightning-fast page speeds keep your search rankings high.

Whether you are launching a website for the first time or looking to redevelop an existing site, the team at Lform Design are beside you every step of the way. Your hard work, passion, dedication, and vision deserve nothing but the best. Contact us now to find out how we can work together to take your business to new heights.

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