A row of servers in a website server farm

Web Hosting that delivers speed and power without sacrificing quality.

Safeguard your website's hosting with a team that you can trust to keep your website running fast, secure, and will fix issues before you even noticed they happened.

Fast, robust hosting solutions for B2B business

Your website hosting is almost as important as design when it comes to site performance. We offer in-house managed virtual private server (VPS) hosting, with both shared and dedicated hosting packages available. 

VPS vs. Shared hosting solutions

Shared hosting means you will share a physical server with other customers. But with VPS hosting, unlike traditional shared hosting, you will have a defined set of virtual resources that are yours exclusively. Dedicated VPS hosting provides you with your own server. Whichever option you choose, servers can be scaled as required to meet site traffic and load demands.

Server monitoring for maximum up-time

All sites hosted with Lform have uptime and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) monitoring. This means we know instantly if a site goes down or experiences a security issue and can take urgent action to get them back online quickly, minimizing downtime for your business. All sites hosted with us also have error monitoring built in, which alerts us if users are experiencing site errors so that we can rectify them as quickly as possible.

Security you don’t have to worry about

Security takes top priority at Lform. Our servers are secured with brute-force detection and Secure Shell (SSH) key-only access. They are also firewalled against all but necessary traffic. Sites are secured with a HTTPS-only approach, which disallows insecure connections to your site and ensures that sensitive data such as passwords is always transmitted securely.

End-to-end hosting expertise

For clients that wish to host their site elsewhere, we can provide consultation on hosting requirements and recommend appropriate third-party hosting services. We can also configure your third-party hosting environment, and deploy your site to its hosting environment when it is ready to launch.