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Front-End Development Services that bring your website to life.

Allow your website to deliver your message to any user on any device without surrendering speed or flexibility.

Front-end web B2B development that delivers the results you expect

When you view and interact with a web page, what you see is the finished product of front-end web development. Front-end development, also known as client-side development, is the practice of converting website data into an interface that users can easily view and interact with. 

Here at Lform Design, we take our client’s vision and transform it through our designs, crafting it into an interactive web application using modern design practices. With our professional guidance, years of experience, and heavy focus on a flawless system, your brand will be ready to meet today’s technology-driven world across all platforms.

Flexible website development that displays across any screen

We utilize responsive website design, which is increasingly important in the age of on-the-go business. Over 50% of all web traffic globally now comes from mobile devices. That’s why accessibility and a consistently high user experience across platforms (desktop, tablet, and mobile) is essential. Users expect to be able to interact easily with your website regardless of the device they are using, and we make it a top priority to provide fluid and cohesive sites that provide a seamless experience across devices.

A lightweight system that doesn’t trade power for speed

We utilize a custom, lightweight front-end framework known as Veneer, built with CSS3 and TypeScript (JavaScript ES6). This system enables rapid front-end development and uses modern specs like CSS Grid, a technique that allows designers to easily build complex layouts that work consistently across browsers. Veneer does not add unnecessary bloat to sites in the way that Bootstrap, a common open-source responsive framework, does. This keeps your site lightning-fast and functioning optimally.

Website accessibility built in from the get-go

We follow accessibility best practices, using Accessible Rich Internet Applications (AIRA), a set of attributes that make web content accessible to those who use assistive technologies such as screen readers and screen enlargement applications. This ensures that everyone can use your site. 

Today’s business owners understand the importance of user experience on customer acquisition and retention. Get in touch to discuss how the Lform Design team can create a website that will get you closer to your goals.

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