Jeff crafts beautiful websites that communicate our clients' message to their audience.

Jeff Koromi

Art Director

Jeff Koromi serves as Lform’s Art Director, a multifaceted position that has a variety of responsibilities. His focus is on setting the tone, style, and layout of client projects and shepherding the project from initial planning to completion. This also includes ensuring that projects stay true to clients’ brand standards and that their brand is properly communicated to their intended audience, whether in print, web, or digital formats. 

Jeff performs UX research for Lform’s clients and their customers, including interviews and website content audits, an Lform offering that is essential to educating clients on the impact of user experience on website planning and strategy. He also works to ensure WCAG accessibility and visual design best practices, conducts SEO consulting, research, and planning, and performs account management for ongoing client retainers, including making sure that retainer projects stay on task and within budget.

Jeff has been a creative all his life, beginning with his first art lessons shared with him by his father, a talented draftsman himself. Jeff’s journey with print and web design began in high school when he started his design education with an “Introduction to Graphics Design” class, an experience that sparked his interest in pursuing a career in design. He attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a degree in communication design. He honed his skills and learned from some of the best designers in the country during his time there, including national award-winning designers and advertisers such as Dean Ballas and Denise Bosler. 

Upon his graduation, Jeff worked for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries, including Mack Trucks, Volvo, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Mountain Creek Resort. His history of work on B2B and B2C projects runs the gamut from website design and user experience to advertising, apparel, and print work. He is a national award-winning designer with nine awards to his name, and his work has been published in magazines and books.

Jeff is an avid craft beer enthusiast and draftsman, and he can often be found at punk shows, large and small, around northern New Jersey. He also enjoys attending food festivals and table-top gaming conventions, reading science fiction, watching nature while spending time outdoors, immersing himself in the world of astronomy, and watching true crime documentaries. He is a New Jersey native and lifelong resident who lives with his partner; his cat, Kayso; and fellow Lform employee, Senior Office Dog Mosby.

Jeff’s work at Lform is centered around making sure that all of the work that comes from the company is top-notch and achieves clients’ goals, solving both the challenges that the clients have identified themselves and the ones they didn’t know they had. With a diverse career history not just in web design and UX but also including print production, advertising, and more, he is able to ply his trade in a much more flexible way to understand each client’s needs and meet or exceed project goals to provide the best possible results.

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