Designers using card sorting to conduct user research

Audience Research that gives you the knowledge of your users' needs.

Using a custom tailored research process we can help you understand your audience to build custom websides that solve your preferred audiences' problems.

Gain insight into your B2B audience.

In-depth knowledge of your audience is at the heart of every successful business development strategy. By conducting user and audience research, we gain a thorough understanding of your target customers—their problems and their needs—so you can more effectively position your products or services as their ideal solution. 

Identify your B2B buyer personas

We use two forms of buyer personas. To create goal oriented personas, we establish your ideal customer and make recommendations as to how to attract them. 

To build research driven personas, we use interviews with your existing clients and internal teams to learn as much as we can about who you are and what sets you apart from your competition. By speaking directly with customers, we can learn about their desires, pain points, expectations, and what messaging attracts (and repels) them. 

Whichever method we use, the personas we create form the guiding light by which we will make all other decisions about your project.

Create a better user experience by leveraging the right tools

We will also do a deep dive into your Google Analytics and any other relevant analytics data. This will reveal where your website visitors are coming from and their key behaviors when they land on your site. We also study your session time (how long users remain on your site) and bounce rate (how many people leave your site after viewing just one page). This gives a measurement of how your current website is performing and allows us to make recommendations on how it could be improved. 

Through tools like HotJar’s heat mapping, site scrolling measurements, and mouse click capture, we can see exactly what site elements your users are interacting with. This allows us to assess whether actual customer interactions are aligned with desired customer outcomes and to make decisions about page content and layout accordingly. At this stage, we might identify a need for assets such as call-to-action forms, cross-linked content, or a simplified navigational menu.

Establish a custom web design strategy

Once we have a thorough understanding of your audience we start to determine the direction your website strategy should take. At this stage of your project we use Stylescapes, a unique system that many design firms do not utilize. Unlike a mood board, which simply sets the desired tone of a website, Stylescapes are carefully curated collections of imagery, typography, graphic styles, and colors to establish how a website interface will look. 

Why do we do this? By establishing a direction during the research phase, we can progress your project more quickly and cut down on the number of iterations of your site design required. This makes the process more efficient. Our standard practice is to provide two or three Stylescape examples, and then design your site drawing inspiration from the one you choose. 

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