Mosby is the official greeter-in-chief of the Lform Design offices.

Theodore Evelyn Mosby

Office Dog

Theodore Evelyn Mosby (Mose) is a pitbull-Lab mix with a friendly disposition, 19 toes, and an appetite for web design (and treats). Mosby joined the Lform team, along with his owner Jeff, in 2014 and has since become an office fixture. While he was initially considered for a junior copywriting position, Mosby was eventually offered the position of Senior Office Dog when the team learned he couldn’t read or write. Luckily, his previous role of “couch potato” naturally lent itself to his current work as Lform’s official mascot, and he’s been serving the Lform team and clients ever since. 

His responsibilities around the office include greeting clients, providing a place for team members to deposit treats, and keeping the entire Lform team in high spirits with his on-demand tail wags and encouraging barks. When not at the office, Mosby loves to try all of the wheat-free treats he can get his paws on, hang out with his friends at the dog park, and seek out warm blankets to lie under. He also has a passion for the great outdoors, enjoys frequent hikes, and most importantly, loves to get lots of attention from clients, even when he isn’t officially on the clock. Mosby’s favorite part of his job as Senior Office Dog is ensuring that both clients and visitors to the Lform office feel welcome and keeping spirits high for all who frequent the building, whether that means greeting them at the door or giving someone a head to scratch to relieve stress.

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