Brandon Fenning

Brandon leads the Lform team to deliver the results our clients demand.

Brandon Fenning

Head of Operations & Engineering Lead

As Head of Operations & Engineering Lead, Brandon Fenning ensures that Lform team members have everything they need to advance client projects and organizational goals. He also encourages a positive, collaborative company culture that balances productivity with personal mental well-being. His responsibilities also include overseeing the completion of projects from start to finish, charting Lform’s overall technology direction in collaboration with the team, getting buy-in from all stakeholders when decisions are made, and guaranteeing that work completed by the team is high quality and done to defined, agreed-upon standards. 

In addition to managing the Lform team’s direction and bolstering team morale, he also handles project planning and scheduling; coordinates the division of work among core staff, clients, outside contractors, and freelancers; and performs internal reviews to improve Lform’s production processes. Last and most importantly, Brandon ensures that clients are satisfied with the work being produced for them, identifies client account challenges, and finds solutions that are fair to the Lform team and the company’s clients.

Brandon got his start in the world of technology and computers when his family purchased their first computer when he was 13, and his first foray into web development was the creation of a Geocities website in 1997. He continued to grow his skillset with computers as he grew up and graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in computer art specializing in 3D animation. Brandon began his career after graduation by freelancing and doing After Effects post-production work for various clients and productions, now partnered in a studio. He became a self-taught developer in 2000, maintaining an eCommerce site for a lighting manufacturer in NYC, and then worked at several tech startups in the health and entertainment industries from 2004 until 2008. 

During this time, Brandon created and maintained intranet portals, eCommerce sites, Netsuite integrations and product distributor databases such as Baker and Taylor, among other things. As a freelancer he also created sites and served as a technology consultant for various clients during this time, and he even freelanced for Lform on a couple of projects. After the 2008 crash and ensuing startup implosions, Brandon began working at Lform in 2009 as a full-stack developer. He has worked on countless Lform client projects since then, and has been able to see nearly all of the company’s growth and development throughout his time with the company. 

Outside of the office, Brandon is an Eagle Scout, and he is a partner in a post-production company that writes and produces comedy-centric work for clients. Their work has been featured and written up on PBS Frontline: Tehran Bureau. He also enjoys reading books from a variety of genres—fiction and sci-fi in particular, as well as history—and his favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. A man of many talents, Brandon loves to cook and has a reputation for cooking up respectable ribs at the Lform company BBQs, and he enjoys discussing politics, life, the universe, and everything else, too!

Brandon’s goal for clients is for them to feel like Lform is an extension of their own team, an objective that has remained consistent from his first days at Lform and throughout the growth and development of the company. The Lform team’s work is centered around serving clients as a partner by understanding what they truly need and creating solutions that address their challenges. Part of that work is also figuring out if what the client believes they want for their project matches what they really need, and what will actually help them achieve their goals. Brandon’s goals for himself as a member of the Lform team are in a similar vein. They include constantly researching and understanding the direction of technology and improving Lform’s processes to make the company’s work more efficient and better in quality, and most importantly, learning from any mistakes to avoid repeating them.

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