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SaaS Development Services that make your ideas reality.

Leverage the expert know-how of a team that can take your awesome idea from "ground-work" to "ground running."

Do you have a great idea for an app?

We’ve both architected and developed app software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems to help clients meet their business goals. Our team’s broad-ranging SaaS experience ranges from legal documentation and building management to dating apps. Whatever your idea, we’d love to help you make it a reality.

SaaS development from concept to completion

With our SaaS app architecture service, we work with you every step of the way from concept to launch. With every last detail taken into consideration, working with Lform Design gives your product the best chance of success.

Prep for success from the start by defining your MVP

We’ll begin by identifying your app’s minimal-viable-product (the minimum features it needs to have) with a summary, detailing the extent and scope of the app’s functionality. We’ll then define its organization and structure using data schemas, and design user flows that prioritize the most important aspects of the app. We will draw up use-cases that detail every possible interaction users can have with your app, and then create wireframe blueprints for user interfaces that correspond to the use-cases. Once all this groundwork is in place, we can determine the best technologies to meet your goals.

Modern frameworks with a focus on stability & flexibility

Once it comes to time to build the app, we’ll begin by refining the wireframe to meet user experience requirements. Apps are coded using modern frameworks in conjunction with custom components based on your needs. Systems are robust but flexible, enabling expansion and improvements to your app later on.

A QA process that finds bugs so your users won’t have to

Our thorough testing process ensures superior quality assurance, catching any issues through automated testing before progressing to manual testing. Only when all testing has been carried out and you are completely satisfied will your app be ready for rollout.

Consulting knowledge you can effectively leverage

If you’re still at the concept stage, we can also provide a full SaaS consulting service. We can undertake competitor research on your behalf, giving you a fuller picture of the industry landscape and advising you on pricing and billing models. We can also identify the necessary third-party tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) you’ll need to bring your SaaS product to life.

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