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Custom WordPress Development that is robust, adaptable, and powerful.

Build your website faster and more powerful in a system that meets your website's demands that are both secure and easy-to-use.

Build your custom B2B website on the world’s most popular CMS system

We build bespoke web solutions to client specifications using WordPress as the content management system (CMS.) WordPress started life as an open-source blogging tool, but is now a powerful web development solution and the world’s most popular CMS, powering over 50% of the internet as of 2020.

LPress: All the power of WordPress but faster & more flexible

For a basic blog or “About” page, WordPress is perfectly adequate by itself. However, if your site needs to go beyond these capabilities, the system quickly reveals its limitations. That’s why we created LPress, a custom framework built on top of WordPress which utilizes TypeRocket. WordPress was created in 2005 and code has changed dramatically in the last 15 years. Our system enables modern development practices, and is built with leanness and efficiency in mind. This approach removes bloat from the legacy WordPress foundation and allows for faster, more efficient code.

Pre-Built Themes: Faster build times without the sacrifices

As our theme features many pre-built functionalities, this speeds development time and means we can bring a sleek, robust, and lightning-fast website online in record time without cutting corners on quality. It also allows for easier site upgrades and debugging.

Intuitive Site Management: Maintain and grow your site with ease

Your site will feature a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for you to manage your site after it launches. Pages are straightforward to manage and edit, so you’ll be able to add and update content quickly and easily, with no coding knowledge required. Thanks to the versatility of our system, our experienced developers will be able to build your site exactly as you want it, bringing your vision to life in a website that will grow with you and serve you for many years to come.

Our default template comes with a mini-CRM built in. This system stores submissions from your contact forms, allowing you to keep a record of everyone who has reached out to your company. You can add notes to submissions, meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity for a follow-up. 

SEO Optimization: All the SEO tools you need already baked in

Your site will be SEO-friendly right out of the box, offering superior features not found in a standard WordPress site. Structured data is auto-generated, which helps Google understand your content and show it in the right search results. Sitemaps are also generated automatically, allowing your site to be easily indexed by Google. Your site will add appropriate metadata from title tags and meta descriptions to Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph. This makes it a cinch to share your content on social media channels and improves how well your links will perform across platforms. 

Since SEO tools are also built into our WordPress platform, you won’t need to rely on commonly used SEO plugins like Yoast.

CMS Security: Giving you the confidence to know your site is secure

Additional features that typically require third-party plugins, such as Google Analytics integration, are also built directly into our WordPress framework. This negates the need for plugins, which can cause security vulnerabilities, introduce malware, slow your site down, and cause unnecessary bugs and crashes. Plugins are one of the leading causes of WordPress hacks. 

As WordPress is a common target for hackers, we take the security of your website seriously. We take multiple steps to lock down your site, including file integrity checkers, moving the login URL to hide your login page from hackers, brute-force prevention, built-in spam prevention, and 404 error mitigation. All of this means that, even if they do decide to target it, malicious users will not be able to gain access. We understand that security breaches can be disastrous for a business, so take every step to anticipate and negate the risks before they occur. 

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