Ian Loew

Ian formed Lform in 2005 after a long career of success in design & development.

Ian Loew

Owner & Head of Business Development

Serving as Lform’s Owner, Creative Director, and Head of Business Development, Ian Loew is the Lform team’s fearless leader. With decades of experience in the B2B web design field, Ian understands that ensuring that everyone on his team feels heard and that their voice counts is essential to the success of both the company as a whole and its client projects. In addition to making sure his team feels valued, Ian is always thinking about how to develop the Lform staff’s skills and gain new knowledge via a wide variety of tools, from books and coaching to peer-to-peer advisory groups and continuing education. Making team improvement and development a priority not only keeps the Lform team working as a cohesive unit, but also translates into even better results for Lform clients because the latest tools and technology are used to complete their projects.

Business development is another key priority for Ian, and he takes great pride in truly understanding what clients want and translating it into actionable results. Lform’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that working with clients is about creating partnerships rather than just sales. Ian is also a member of the NJBA, a member-driven business networking alliance formed to help members succeed in their careers and their enterprises. 

Prior to founding Lform, Ian began his career by earning his degree from Carnegie Mellon, where he majored in industrial design and minored in English. He began his long journey to becoming a web entrepreneur and inbound marketing expert after his graduation in 1999, and he officially began his work in web design in 2000. His first role in the world of web design was working as part of the Toysrus.com in-house web design team, and in 2001, he took the next step in his career by joining the MGT Design team. In this role, Ian worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Chubb Insurance, Keyspan Energy, Sony, and Toysrus.com. After four years of helping Fortune 500 companies, Ian began his freelance career, working at agencies like UP Design and Smith Design before finally establishing Lform in 2006.

Immediately after the company’s launch, Lform began working with clients on a variety of projects, many of which included collateral like business cards, brochures, and websites for small businesses and nonprofits. After creating a solid foundation with many successful projects, in 2013 Lform began specializing in helping B2B manufacturers, including clients like Hockmeyer Equipment Corp., Applechem, and Atlantic Equipment Engineers.

Ian grew up in Glen Ridge, NJ with his sister; his mother, a special education teacher; and his father, who worked in the manufacturing industry. Ian’s father’s company, Satesa, was Ian’s first website before beginning his career in web design and marketing. The website, Satesa.com (still preserved in nearly identical form to how it looked in 2000), highlighted the work that the company did in research and development, specializing in electrostatic discharge and cleanroom products. 

Ian’s lifelong passions include reading, music, and staying active through sports like mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and swimming. In fact, one of Lform’s current clients is Cougar Aquatic, one of New Jersey’s premier, year-round swim clubs, a fitting relationship considering that Ian was a competitive swimmer during his time at Glen Ridge High School. Today, Ian especially enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife, Audrey; his son, Evan; and his daughter, Ava. He often takes his children indoor rock climbing on the weekends and enjoys skiing with Ava at Campgaw, a local ski resort.

Working at Lform continues to provide a challenging yet fulfilling career for Ian. In particular, he enjoys seeing his employees grow, and loves that the company has been a springboard for many former employees and interns throughout the years, including Charles Punchatz, Allison Maskin, Lyndsay Bouchal, Joshua Frank, Ji Sohn, Jordyn Ferri, and Jason Schunkewitz. As the company continues to grow and evolve, Ian also finds tremendous joy in seeing clients prosper thanks to his team’s expert advice and high-quality work.

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