A UX designer building paper prototypes

UX Prototyping that is fast, effective, and understands your audience's desires.

See exactly how your website will function with custom UX prototyping that researches, identifies, and solves user needs in advance.

B2B UX that speaks to your users

User experience, or UX, is all about how customers experience your brand, product, or service. In the context of website design, it refers to user behavior and feeling when interacting with your website or application. Website design teams use UX as the basis on which to design, build, and test websites and apps. Design, features, and usability are all key elements of UX. 

UX prototyping is one of the most important steps in the website design process. It provides valuable insight into the look, feel, and functionality of the final product. That’s why all sites built by Lform Design go through a robust UX prototyping process.

A staged approach developed to achieve your B2B website development goals

Our design team will research, design, and develop user interfaces for your site or app that offer your visitors and customers an optimal online experience with your brand and products. Our UX prototyping process consists of several stages.

Research: The right experience for your audience

We start with user research, looking into the needs, desires, and problems of your users. What pain points bring them to your site, and how can your company solve those pain points? The insights we gain from user research underpin everything that comes next.

Wireframing: The bones to any successful website

The next step is wireframing. A wireframe, also known as a blueprint or page schematic, is a two-dimensional skeletal framework that defines the basic structure and layout of your site. We use wireframing to outline how your site interfaces will work and to plan the user-flow. Our wireframes are built using cutting-edge technology like Adobe XD, an all-in-one UX design tool.

UI Design: Interfaces that hit the mark

Next, we’ll design the user interfaces for your site or app. User interface design involves using typography, imagery, and messaging to create the look and feel of your online prototype. 

UX Optimization: Masterfully crafted website performance

When you’re happy, we’ll move on to user experience optimization, the final step of UX prototyping. At this stage, we focus on creating a page that not only looks great, but performs optimally. We’ll ensure your site is fast and bug-free, creating that smooth and seamless user experience your site visitors expect.

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