Bergen Cable

Supporting Excellence In Aviation

Founded in New Jersey in 1942, Bergen Cable is the longest running wire rope and cable assembly company in existence. For more than 75 years, Bergen Cable has been supplying companies across the globe with its unmatched products in industries including aerospace, defense, medical, marine, and power generation. Bergen Cable’s website, however, did not reflect its superior work or long history of excellence. Thus, the company approached Lform for assistance in web design, web development, and corporate branding.

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Services Provided

Technologies Used

  • AdaCMS

  • Laravel

  • JavaScript

  • Sass

  • Linode

  • Forge

  • nginx

Lform built us an impressive, modern website that helps us properly compete within our industry and really reflects our level of professionalism and quality products.

Joe Ciancimino, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bergen Cable

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Bergen Cable stationary and letter head

Identity Design Takes Flight

Partial to the company’s original identity, the decision makers at Bergen Cable asked us to keep the integrity of its existing logo. With this in mind, the new brand identity evolved out of its existing one. Our designer took the prominent triangle in Bergen Cable’s original logo, inverted it, and interlinked the lines that formed the triangle to exemplify the connectivity of cables. He then designed various types of stationary, such as the letterhead, for different uses including invoicing and proposals. Thrilled with the end product, Bergen Cable enlisted us for additional branding projects including its latest brochure and trade show design work.

Bergen Cable website on laptop

Sky’s-the-Limit Custom Web Design

Bergen Cable’s new website was built from scratch to reflect the its award-winning products and service. The custom website offers a clean, industrial aesthetic and darker shades of blue to evoke feelings of confidence, security, and stability—all integral when dealing with safety cable. We also copyedited text provided by Bergen Cable to help craft unique, easy-to-understand, SEO-friendly messaging.

Bergen Cable product display shot

Photography & Art Direction

To capture the company’s best-in-show products, we recommended a trusted vendor to photograph them. Through our art direction, we were able to achieve eye-catching results that showcase the detail and craftsmanship of each product.