Molly Soufrine

Molly assists Lform's team and clients so that projects run smoothly.

Molly Soufrine

Administrative Assistant
 & Quality Assurance

As Lform’s Administrative Assistant and Junior Front-End Developer, Molly Soufrine is an essential resource for our clients, serving as the main source of communication between clients and the rest of the Lform team about projects and important updates regarding their accounts. Molly’s daily responsibilities include responding to client questions or concerns and relaying information back to the team when clients send documents, edits, or requests. She also ensures that projects remain organized and that client deadlines are being met. As part of her role as Junior Front-End Developer, Molly is also honing her skills and assists on both the front end and the back end of project development while continuing to dive deeper into the world of web development to become a contributor on bigger client projects.

Molly joined Lform in early 2021, and prior to that she worked in a variety of industries in customer service-focused positions, earning skills that made her a great fit for her current client-facing position. Before entering the professional world, Molly attended the University of Connecticut School of Engineering to earn her Full Stack Web Development Certification and joined the Lform team with the goal of expanding her skills in this area. She is excited to be part of the web design and development industry because there is always something new to learn, and she has found that the community within the industry provides a great source of support and encouragement for those just starting out in the field.

Molly enjoys spending time outdoors and hiking with her rescue dog, Nova, a husky pitbull mix. Another large part of her life outside of work is Olympic weightlifting, a sport that she has been competing in for over three years and one that requires frequent travel for competitions, which she enjoys. Molly also loves spending time with friends and family, and she recently became scuba diving certified, an accomplishment that led to a newfound love of observing macro marine life. Eventually, she would like to advance her career and earn additional certifications to grow her expertise.

To Molly, working at Lform means consistently exceeding clients’ expectations to deliver outstanding results for each and every one of them. Being a part of the Lform team also provides a supportive group of colleagues who are constantly encouraging their fellow team members to become better and further develop their skills.

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