Joseph Balzac

Joseph Balzac

Front-End Developer

Joe Balzac is a Front-End Developer at Lform Design, a position that includes a variety of responsibilities, from coding pixel-perfect web pages and interfaces to match the client-approved design, to working within Git and GitHub to make sure all branches from the team are up to date and merged properly. Joe also works to ensure that the latest technologies for development are implemented within Lform projects to guarantee efficiency, and he collaborates closely with Lform’s Brandon Fenning and Jeff Koromi to make sure design and development are aligned and provide a consistent flow of communication. 

Joe joined the Lform team in late 2021 and has a background in digital marketing. Prior to joining the team, he began his career working in social media analytics, then dove into the world of digital marketing and content management, and eventually taught himself to code. After working on multiple freelance coding projects, Joe eventually landed his first Web Developer role at Meditrial Inc. in New York City, until eventually landing a role with Lform. 

Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and 1-year-old son, and also enjoys all things New York City-related, whether it’s going to one of the city’s many parks or venturing out to local restaurants in Astoria, Queens, where he lives. He especially likes experiencing all the unique things his community has to offer and exploring new places, both within the city and in different parts of the country and world. Another passion of Joe’s is cooking and exploring other cultures through their cuisine, especially Italian food and culture, and he can proudly make meatballs with red sauce (gravy) from scratch.  

For Joe, working at Lform means working with a team that is passionate about what it does. Lform Design is committed to its clients and delivers A+ professional services for every project it takes on. It’s a place where employees can feel their skills being challenged daily, causing team members to grow into better versions of themselves and constantly hone their skills.

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